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"I want to see all the products in the power transmission field, especially our high demand
, such as motors, gears, belts, bearings, springs, etc. It is rare to have such a special subdivision and professional exhibition in
Shenzhen ."
—— Sany Heavy Industry Zhuhai Industrial Park Product Assembly Department (Construction Machinery)
"Parts matching has always been one of the most important core issues
for us, and it is also a rare
opportunity ."
—— Shenzhen Genesis Machinery (Taiqun Precision Machinery) Purchasing Manager (CNC Machine Tool)
"For DJI drones, our R&D department has a demand for many precision
parts and metal processing parts. We hope that more high-quality companies will
participate in the early design."
—— Shenzhen DJI Technology R&D Department (Consumer Electronics)
"When I was in Tokyo, Japan, the Mechanical Elements Exhibition was to see new
craftsmanship and technological innovation every year. We are very happy to have such an exhibition in Shenzhen
and hope to continue it every year."
—— Head of the material department of a Japanese-funded enterprise in Huizhou (automobile industry)
"Our factory has witnessed the rapid development of Dongguan in the past 20 years. As a world
factory, Dongguan still has obvious
advantages ; as a metal processing factory, we
hope to see the heat treatment and surface treatment technology. to more new things."
—— General Manager of a Hardware Products Co., Ltd. in Dongguan (Metal Processing)
"Factory automation is the FA industry that has developed rapidly in recent years. We hope to see some more competitive brands
in gears, especially small flywheels, and chain drives and other sports technologies."
—— Director of an industrial automation e-commerce platform in Dongguan (FA Industry)
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