Standard fasteners
Bolts, screws, tooth strips, pins,
nuts of various materials Washers, retaining rings, riveting, expansion, anchoring, DIY products,
Non-standard, precision parts, innovative inventions, Care, restoration, e-commerce, etc.
Industry-specific fasteners
electronic appliances, transportation, architecture, wind power,
aviation chemical industry,
nuclear industry Fasteners for solar energy,
home and other fields
Forming machine, heading machine,
Thread rolling machine
Thread rolling machine,
Combination machine, heat treatment
Wire drawing machines,
Testing equipment,
Measuring instruments
Cleaning equipment,
lathes and turning equipment, etc.
Mold, oil,
Surface treatment,
Chemical preparations, auxiliary accessories, etc.
Fastener materials
fastener inspection,
software, media, organization
metal stamping parts,
Lathe turning products and processing equipment
Wire, disc element,
Strip steel, stamping parts,
Stainless steel, copper
wrench, screwdriver,
power tools,
pneumatic tools,
welding, repair
Product Categories
Fastener equipment and technology
Molds and consumables for fasteners
Fastener technology and services
Stamping parts and lathe parts
Assembly, installation and maintenance
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